The GOO-RU Process

Every engagement begins with an immersion into your organization’s culture to understand your customers, business objectives, and key metrics.

We then develop a customized solution and educate your team to get buy-in across the organization.

Our programs then turn theory into action where we work with you to guide deliberate practice and applications of new concepts.

Finally we check-in at various milestones to assess results and optimize our solutions.

Every engagement begins with an immersion into clients’ organizations to understand:
- Products
- Processes
- Key Metrics
This immersion allows us to identify insights to inform our solutions.
Using the insights from our immersion, we develop a program tailored to address the root causes of an organization’s challenges to set the salesforce up for future success.
We then develop a presentation of personalized solutions to strengthen retention and repeatability.
During this phase, we implement our program and work closely with your salesforce to guide them through intentional applications of new concepts.
Here is where we assess your team’s progress. Through a combination of real-time, on-the-job observations and periodic evaluations, we assess how salespeople are performing and adjust their program based on how they measure up to key benchmarks.